The Ski Trip

On December 27, 2000 my friends Emmett, Melissa, Erin, Kathryn and I rolled to Emmett's cabin at Bear in a pimp Toyota Previa and a Ford Explorer. Here are my pictures, in no particular order. And read the captions too bitches!


This is the pimp bitch who's cabin we is staying at.

Emmett's pimpin headquarters.

My ride. Sleep on the top, shit on the bottom.

I brought a suitcase. It's modded.

I got to sleep with these hot bitches.

Our first meal of chicken breasts which Melissa thoughtfully prepared.

Um, you need to get out of my way.

My beer. I didn't even get to drink all of it, since everyone else mooched off this.

Yeah, 23 beers for 7 people really doesn't work, so Melissa and Kathryn "tapped." Emmett, isn't it funny that ___ thought it was all her?

I loves my lamb!

December 28, Ted and Debbie rolled up. Ted's a dumb bitch, and it took him 7 hours to get to the cabin. It took our caravan 3 hours.

Just showing Ted I love him.

I love beer. I love cold beer even more.

Stocked fridges are the way to go!

Emmett and I planned to barbecue every night, and we did! First night was chicken.

Ain't nothing better than barbecuing with yo homies while drinking some 40s... too bad we didn't have 40s. These here are some New York steaks and pork chops (fucking nasty).

Mmm... ain't nothing better than yo friends, WhiteBoyz, and beer.

Emmett needed to pimp some ho's.

Drinking games are hella tite, here's one with some cards, I don't know what it's called. These fools cheated though, there's this one card where it's a "waterfall," where the people to the right of you can't stop chugging until you do. I was going to chug a beer, but these bitches all stopped after like 3 seconds. Weak.

My setup... beer, water and lime juice. I used to have beer, a fat thing of water and some lemonade, but I is growin' up.

We went on a nightwalk. They were scared...

I love Quarters. Doug, stop passing it to Liz bitch.

Nice "grandpa ass" fool.

We had a handstand contest. Guess who won?

I kicked Emmett's ass at pool. Loser.

A nice group shot of our quintet. I'm guessing this was shot with self-timer. Self-timers rule.

Drunk fools...

What the fuck were we doing!? Is that Debbie underneath us?

Pointing is fun.

Holding up Backstreet Boys magazines is fun. Who's yo favorite Backstreet Boy? Betta be Nick Carter.

Um, yeah.

If you gotta problem, yo I'll solve it, check out the hook while my DJ revolves it. Ice ice baby, dun dun dun da da dun dun....

I love Ted.

I think they might be gay together. I heard some uh, noises at night. Note Ted's rapist look.

We saw her titties, we saw her titties!

A night of drinking sure makes you want to pee.

Tried to get a puddle out there...

Ted is such a pimp.

Girls like to dance, and we didn't mind watching.


Ted rules!

My goal of this trip (besides the insider one) was to make a beeramid with 100+ beers. This didn't really work, since we only had 71 (I brought 23 (14 Bud Ice, 6 Gordon Biersch and 3 Bud Lights), 18 Bud Lights were tapped the first night, and 30 Coors Light were tapped the third night) beers, and 20 were bottles. Shit, I need to plan better and get all cans, all the same kind. We tried making a 3D tower first, ahh no, actually Melissa tried to make a straight one, but that shit fell down. Well anyways, the 3D tower didn't work because of the different sized cans.

Hrmm... who do I look like in this picture?

Goddamnit! First problem, notice how Coors and Bud cans are different sizes- I had to stack some cans directly on top of each other, which doesn't work.

Ted had to break to pimp his business.

The light would hinder our beeramid, so we had to move it away to complete it. Emmett was telling me about his skills to pay the bills. I listened, unlike my friend Doug.

Fuck! Accident! I had to lick that spilled beer up before it went on the carpet.

How the fuck should I do this? Where's the Bechtel Corporation now?

We needed some mo beer cans. Debbie offered to drink one. Yay!

Here's Erin taking one for the team.

Motherfucker! I can't drink anymore!

It fell down.

Remember, 9 on the bottom.

Emmett should model for Gucci.

Shit Emmett you is so sick!

Ah fuck it fell down again when I bumped the table trying to get in the picture before my camera's self timer went off.

Haha... mission accomplished! Yeah, I had to go ahead and get to print out an 8x10 for me.

Inevitably, cleanup comes with making things. I'm a lazy bitch so I just stood around taking pictures.

Melissa did hella work the whole time we was there, from cooking us dinner to cleaning up. You is tite Melissa!

Isn't it magical?

All in the bag. Kinda like that James Brown song, "Papa's Got A Brand New Bag." I think that shit leaked.

Nigga watch yoself! Ted's cleaning up wit his pimp Windex.

I was so fucking lonely because my bed was on the other side of the room. Ted was sleeping above Debbie, and in the next bunk Emmett was sleeping over Erin.

"Yasu get the fuck out of my bed!" Eventually Ted moved to my bed, and I slept in his for a while. But I had to pee so much I decided to sleep on the couch so I wouldn't wake anyone up. And someone was snoring. Shit.

We is out, see you later. These past few days have kicked some ass. The day after we got back, we went offroading. We= Taylor (he drove), Emmett, Jason, Ghetto Steve, and me. We got stuck in a pond. Jimmy Plunk couldn't pull us out. Taylor's wheel fell off. Aren't I good at telling short stories?



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