I Went To The Backstreet Boys Concert

This incident occured on March 1, 2001. Our friend Erin had 7 tickets. Three apart from the other four. Katie, Kim, Shayla and Erin sat together, while Melissa, Jessica and I were a group. It was quite gangsta, walking in with these people with my pink and purple 4x3 foot sign that read, "Halo Nick C.- You Is My G." This got thrown away as soon as I walked in. mmm.


Here is my ticket. I paid $60, but I got hecka better seats by kicking it down to the floor.

I love waiting around for an hour so these motherfuckers can set up fo the Backstreet Boys.

Melissa being a dumbass.

Jessica, like a little 4 year old girl, runs down to get one the WILD 94.9 balloons that said radio station threw out to keep us people occupied.

What great fans. All girls... hmmm...

It's starting! It's starting!

Holy shit Nick is hot.

Nice old-school Sepia tone there.

Oh this was fun. They went downstage through this box in the front stage, and they played through the video screen "them" changing and getting ready. It was prerecorded, and gave these fools time to walk over to another part of the Oakland Arena. They were very close, so I went ahead and took lots of pictures of them.

This was a fuck-up picture. I was supposed to take it with Jessica and Melissa in the front and the Backstreet Boys in the back. However, the zoom was on all the way, and I didn't notice until I took the picture. Dumb me.

It wouldn't be a Backstreet Boys concert without merchandise. They were selling things for hella expensive, but things we gotta have. I bought a $65 sweatshirt, $20 program and a $5 keychain. Yia Yia!



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