Anal Bead Fun

When our senior class went to Ashland, I visited a bead shop with a couple homies. I saw a girl named Brienne up in there. I saw some 16 mm beads. 1+1= anal beads. I went over to the lady and said, "Can you string these up really well?" She knew what they were going to be used for and replied, "Here's some wire, it will brown with age though." I'm like, aiiight, whatever fits the bill. $25 poorer, I had a set of anal beads. I was gonna give them to Bri, but she rejected them. New plan. Take a picture of everyone in my class with the beads. Eh, it's nice to dream. Here are my pictures, in no particular order.


Here's Brooke. Doesn't it look like she just used them?

Caoimh and Michaelann, being the lesbians they are.

Carine thought of this all herself.


Carrigan, always ready to take a picture.

This was at the bowling alley, and Colleen was sleeping. Dino is holding the beads.

Dino and Kristen- our room around 4am. Dino and I were hella calling fools cause we were hella bored. Kristen was too, and came to our room around 3am.

On the bus ride back home. Clockwise from the redhead. Bryan, Mike, Loughran, Dino, me, Jake, Mikey, Kristen.

I don't think Kathy and Carmen knew what these were.

Dave, the man with the millon dollar smile.

Kristi and Susan, two juniors. They were also clueless.

Me and Kristen.

Why are they in her mouth? I dunno...

Carine's shot- me and Tanya.

Lindsey liked them.

The anal beads in our potato gun. I think that's Chalhoub's ass.

Molly is a drama person.

Swen is quite the pimp.

Tanya and Sarah are also lesbians. Not really.

I was swinging them around, and they broke. It's cool, I went to a bead shop around here, and they hooked up a thicker gauge wire. The lady who redid it refused to have her picture taken. I wonder why.


If you would like to take a picture with the anal beads, call me.



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