Um, Good Looking People Are Here

Doug the Greatest (remember, this fool got a 9.2) and I were perusing, and decided to make a "best of" list. Then, he saw a picture of a girl that looked like our good friend Ted. I decided to add a "lookalikes" section to the "best of" list. Click on the pictures to vote for those ho's. If you have any more to add to the list, bling bling. The ratio of good looking people/bad looking people is quite low, like 1/25.



Ted Meredino


Steve Burkholder

Eben Warde


Kathryn Noble


Victor, aka Dicktor


Annie Robinson


Debbie Donig


Hannah Wachtel


Chris Mezzavilla


Amy Musgrave

That pamp, Cheech Pencavel


Jimmy Pluznunkett

Elizabeth Burkholder

Brooke Hiller

Kevin Shanahan


Best of...

My favorite.


Doug: "That one was the bomb!"





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