Do You Like Sausage?

We went skiing up at Emmett's cabin again. The original people were supposed to be Emmett, Ted, Justin, Chubb, Erin, Melissa and me, but Erin pulled a numba -10 stunna move and didn't axe her parents until that morning, and they said no. So here is the start of Sausage Fest '01. It was still sick though.


That is Chubb's and my shit. Our beers are the most important items pictured. I brought 24 Bud Lights, 12 Coronas, 2 Sapporos and the lime juice. Chubb brought 24 Bud Lights, 12 Coronas and 12 Rolling Rocks. Some homeless man bought all this for us.

Fo shizzle.

I like Ted.


Look at all that shit.

Stop at In-N-Out. I got a 4x4. It was sick.

I slept here.

Chubb's room next doh.

Guess what time this was at?

That's in the AM motherfucker!

Since I'm sick, I thought Chubb and I should take a day off of skiing and walk to the "town" 5 miles away. We brought some beverages for our would-be parched throats.

We be seeing this shit in like fo hours.

The trek begins.

Isn't that the coolest hizhouse?

I don't like when dogs bark at me and chase me.

We got lost up in here, and lost about, oh 10 minutes.

Great messages up in this bitch.

This first sight of the town.


I kinda wanted to go to Angels Camp, but Chubb was being a woman.

Yia, here's where we is going.

5 miles for this shit.

We ate here, The Hungry Prospector. The burgers were good.


I know where Cindy Crawford lives.

I can drink a 1/5 of Hennessy, some call it a sin, but I call it a gift.

Shit we're pamp.

10 miles (almost, since we ran into Emmett and Co. about a mile from the cabin) of walking for these bling blings.

Corona (with lime juice, of course), Teriyaki sauce and steaks.

Those are people across the street.


Justin Pressfield up in here.

Mista Ted.

Ah, Bear Valley.

That's Ted...

And Emmett.

You see that middle sign? That's my run.


Numba 1 stunna turn, this is the drifting turn.

You see that fool on the bottom? He skied all the way down, backwards.

Chubb a lubb bubb.

I got some skills to pay tha billz.

Hi there little girls.

Emmett, Justin, Chubb, Mista Ted, me.

Nah, he didn't wipe out.



This is the retarded tree. Look how it's bent. I didn't like it.

Crazy ass dog.

It dug holes like a biznitch.

That dog is on the lift!

Um, hey there. Notice Aaron Carter magazine.

That's all me and Chubb.



That picture pretty much explains itself.

Bong water!

The Sausage Fest conclusion.

Yes, I own those.





Ted likes guys.

Pack it up, pack it in... I had to sit there.

I wonder what kind of people live there. The sign says, "Filipino Plaza."

Uh oh.

Got rice bitch?

The Previa, coming in for the kill.

It only has one exhaust pipe!?

We souped up our car with RS Akimoto.


We flashed the bangs... and they got angry...

And passed us.



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