I'm The Kid With The Golden Arms

Hi there Airbear. I bought 2 disposable cameras so I could take some pictures for Paly Prom. I was going to take my digital camera, but I was afraid it was going to get broken. I tend to break things when drunk. Since I didn't end up drinking anyway (since we got thugged by 3 different people), I should have brought digital since these pictures are very bad quality. These are pictures from Paly Prom and other fun events. Yeeeee!


Me and the limo driver. I think he was Armenian.

Mr. Baker, tha playa hata.

This and the next two were taken outside Jekyra's grandmother's house. Everyone was complaining about how we were going to be late, yet we stood around taking pictures. From left to right- Daniella, Katie, Jekyra, Lindsey and Lizzie (McGuire?).

This is our Brazilian friend Victor, or Numba 1 Stunna. He's a pamp, Cheech Pencavel style. He drives an armored S600 in Brazil, and he models and is in soap operas. Wow. Oh yeah, and he has a very good looking girlfriend. Guess what? He winked at me when he shook my hand. Uhhhh...

Numba 1 Stunna and Daniella. Cheech, you actually might need to take some notes there.

Katie, my diznate.

Christina Aguilera, is that you?

Two people.

It took us like an hour to get registered and shit.

Wow, this prom is a lot bigger than ours.

The "vegetarian" meal looked like shit. I'm glad we got some La Fondue beforehand.


Our group of frands. Top to bottom, left to right. Jake, Baker, Jekyra, Colin, Lindsey, Katie, me.

From the back of the Navigator limo. It was pretty sick.

From the front. Goddamn this shit was big, Hummer limos are so stunna though. Lindsey looks really, really happy.

Some fool drove a Diablo to prom... or so I thought. These cars were to appear at Hot Import Nights the next day.

My favorite car of all time- NSX. I saw this same car featured in a magazine, although I forget which one.

Extended intakes, front lip.


What a pamp.

See the "NSX" logo on the center armrest? It means that this is either a '91 or a '92. I like the boost gauges.

Black-out rims. It would be cool if they were "dubz."

Notice Honda logo, where there usually is an Acura logo. This guy had a three-stage carbon-fiber wing.

Supercharged NSX's are very cool.

Mr. Taylor.

We cut some hair. Me, James, Jimmy.

Haha, Aaron Carter's in the house, what, what?

Before pic. Our -5 stunna frand Jason.

Now he's Numba 1 Stunna.



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