Happy Birthday Yasu

On my 18th birthday, we set out for an adventure. Our stunna group consisted of me, Ted, Emmett, Jason, Chubb, Steve, Jake and Ben.

Only the above pictured (plus Steve) went to La Fondue. It was the shit. Jason and I shared a meal, consisting of cheddar fondue, the "Wild Thing" meat, which is like alligator, buffalo, elk, wild boar, very weird, yet good things and white chocolate fondue. My goodness, that shit was very good. We went there at like 3:15, and left a little over 6. Holy shit, it was a 3 hour meal! We then kicked it at my house for a while, waiting for the other fools to show up. Colin came to my house, but was too cool to come out of his car and talk to us. He just sat in the car with his bitch Lindsey. Everyone gets here, and we leave. Oh no! Ted needs gas. Stop at the Chevron. By this time, I'm getting kinda antsy since we needed to make it to Centerfolds by 8 or else the cover charge goes from $11 to $30. And I don't like that.

We get at Centerfolds around 7:55. Just made it. We show our IDs, Chubb shows his 7 year old passport, and Jason shows his credit card, since he's not 18. The bouncer guy was like, nah sir, you need to have some shit. We was like, ah shit. So we go out, and were talking about going to another strip club. I was quite angry. Then Jake asked Ted if he would let Jason drive his car home. Unbelievably, Ted agreed. Jason took off. We go back into Centerfolds, but it's past 8. $30 please. Fuck! Then we was like, shit we don't want to pay that motherfucker, and then the bouncer was like, aiight, let them in. Yia, yia, yia, Weedkilla!!! We go in, and it makes me laugh. There's bitches walking around naked and shit. Then there's this shower, which I like to call "the shower" where you can take a shower with your favorite showgirl for $200, "until you are clean" and you also get a free bottle of champagne. Damn I wanted to do that rishikish ish. So we be kicking it, and then we stun it to front row stage. Tally: Me- 2 face-titty rubs, and 1 "pussy juice"; Chubb- 2 face titty rubs and a pussy rub. Very nice. Nobody else got no love. It was extremely funny since Ted was sitting right next to Chubb with $4 out, and Chubb only has $1. Yet the bitch gives Chubb the pussy rub. Haha, sucka. I got 3 lap-dances that night. My first one was probably the best, she looked like Christina Aguilera when she was hot. The second one sucked ass, she didn't take no shit off, and she was a heifer. The third one was coo, since she let me touch cause it was my birthday. She was from France. Sometime during the night, the manager guy asked for two male volunteers. Ben went up. It was a contest to see who could do the most push-ups with a showgirl on his back. At first, it seemed like they were going to feel some tits since the guy's like, who has the better chest. Afterwards, he's like, guys have chests, girls have breasts. He hella ragged on Ben. I threw some money at him. Ben couldn't do any push-ups. I felt bad. However, he won a t-shirt coupon. When we left, we asked for a t-shirt, but they didn't have any. So I got a keychain that says Deja Vu. Ben gave me the coupon for my birthday. I want to go to a club again. It was quite fun.



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