I Stunned The MA Yearbook

Hello everyone. It's been a while since I talked to y'all. Um I stunned the MA yearbook. Not just once, and not just on senior pages. I was on the golf team. I like how the school doesn't even know who goes to the damn school.


This fine picture can be found on p. 178 of the Menlo-Atherton School High School 2001 yearbook. The title of the page is "Bears Come Out For Spring". Yes, they do. The picture was taken when I was golfing with Steve, Marc and Richie. A photographer was taking pictures of all of us, and we didn't really want to waste his film and tell him that I didn't go to the school. Snap away homie. I laughed very hard when I saw this picture with the Mister Ted.

Now, on to the senior pages I stunned. This is p. 113, Melissa, Debbie and Sharon's page. Thank you for putting me on your page.

This is me and Ted. Remember this picture from the ski trip? It was when Ted and I had to stop building the tower to pimp some ho's.

Me and Emmett, also taken on the first ski trip. This was on our nightwalk, if you can recall that.

At Debbie's house one night. All our friends are up in here, from Doug, Debbie, Melissa, Steven, me, Erin, Emmett, Liz and Jamie.

I also was on Erin and Sam's page. Thank you as well girls. p. 192.

This was taken in front of "the house." I have a flashlight in my hand. To be exact, I have a black, 3 D-Cell MagLite.

Ted's birthday present to me was a little more than half the MA yearbook, with Katie and Kim's signatures. It made me quite happy. Ted and I think Katie stunned the yearbook more than anyone. Congratulations!



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