Amanda Mo

My friend Ted suggested that we go see Mandy Moore at the Sam Goody's in San Bruno so she can sign some stuff, and maybe take a picture with her. Aiight. June 23 it is. 12 noon. We roll up in there, hella fools be standing out there. Even Z 95.7. I needed to pee. So I did. In Taco Bell. Anyway, there were 2 lines, one for people with "the bracelet" and another for people without said item. The bracelet could be had by buying the new, self-titled Mandy Moore CD earlier that week, or even that day. But alas, the line to even go buy the CD was enormous. Eventually they ran out of CDs. As you can guess, they serve the bracelet people first. And Mandy is leaving at 4. No matter what. We got there at like 11:30. Chubb stayed in the bracelet line, and Ted and I went to the non-bracelet line. Our day of waiting begins.


This is the wonderful Mandy Moore.

That is the front of the line for the bracelet people. Notice ghetto thug staring at my camera.

That is the front of the line to get into Sam Goody, and hopefully snag a bracelet.

This is where Ted and I stood, about 2/3 at the end of the non-"heat" packing line.

Brian, some guy who was waiting with us.

This is the sickest guy EVER. He comes up to us, and is like, you wanna buy a bracelet for $10? Ted's like, hell yia. So he buys the ticket. The guy's then like, it was her's (meaning his daughter) but he took it away because she didn't clean her room. And her sister still gets to go, presumably since she did clean her room. Whateva. Then he comes back later with another bracelet, this time for $20. It seems as though some guy gave it to him for free because he felt sorry for the guy's daughter. I thought I should have a little girl so I could get free bracelets too. The guy offered to let me borrow his girl for $10. I thought about it, but nah. I was gonna buy the bracelet from him, but then I remembered Chubb. What the fuck was I gonna do if I bought the bracelet and he couldn't get one? Ted and I would be out $10 and $20, respectively. I don't like losing money, so I'm like, nah sell it to someone else. And someone else bought it. And even later that day, the guy came up to me, and he's all, tell you what man, if I get another bracelet I'll give it to you for free. Works for me. You rule. But that didn't happen. 3pm rolls by. And we bounce, without ever catching a glimpse of the illustrious Mandy Mo.



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