No Mo Scrolling For You, James!

Good evening everyone. This is Clouse Stricker conversing with you from Germany. You have all seen these pictures before- they were just the single picture links on the main page. I just consolidated them into this page, to save people from scrolling too much. It's kinda like an archive! Yeeeeeee!!!



Yeeeeee!!! This shit's hella funny. Courtesy of Mr. DJ Ross. That mofo doesn't speak English yo. He says some weird shit! Supitup! Hooooiaj!

That's the nice cat that lives on my street. His name is Louie. He frequently pays visits to my house to say hi and eat food. He also likes to sit on people's cars. It tends to make people angry.

Thug love.

Bye Jonas! Our good friend Jonas left the US to go back home to Sweden. To be a pamp. Can we blame him?

Goat miloat, do you float?

James is sexy.

Numba One Stunna.


Me and Melissa, this was um Winter Formal.

Jake and Bonnie. Oh my Bonnie is good looking.

-10 Stunna, Me, Jonas. Yeeee!!!

My slut... isn't she beautiful? I pride this as being my first link on!



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