Where is Jenna?

Attention everyone! I need some new material for the page. Do you have any ideas? I need some!!! You all know that my original plan for this page was to update every Monday. Well, I went to this Gala Celebration Dinner; we were invited by one of my mom's numba one stunna friends. It is to celebrate the 1951 Japan-US peace treaty. 50 year. Mr. George W. was supposed to be there... but he wasn't. So no Jenna. Ah, we like Jenna!!! MIP Jenna. But here... some pics. With captions, of course.


Who I was hoping to see...

This is me and two girls. The one on the right was the former Ms. Nippon. Their banners say kimono no mission which means, the mission of kimono.

Me and some people.

Da numba one stunnas. All unda 40.. and president of their large corporations.

In front of city hall.



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