Varsity Drinking Team

We started a Varsity Drinking Team. A team where we have the those tite lettermen jackets and hats and shit. It's a joke. We actually don't even drink that much. We just like the name. But our team, minus me, drank quite heavily on October 19, 2001. But only on that date on campus.



Our captain. This fool DRINKS. Jamie Kopf, watch yoself.

The guy on the right, Cohen, got really really drunk one night. He drank almost a whole liter of Bacardi by himself. This fool's 120 lbs. and doesn't drink very much. We called him Mr. Stumbles that night. There's Hanley throwing support. Well if you can guess, he threw up. It was very stanky. I had more pictures of this night, but Cohen made me take it off. Said it embarrased him. Boo.

Book really looks out of it. Not angry?

October 16. James got really, really drunk. He was arguing with Matt the RA and was being a bad bad person. He finished a whole Bacardi bottle minus 4 shots. We got written up this night because James was chasing me on the third floor and was trying to wipe urine on my face. Apparently running in the halls is an automatic time-out as well as a write-up.

I don't even know what he's doing here.

He crawled this whole hall. And then strange rugburn marks appeared. Notice Erin laughing her ass off.

We really wanted to poon this fool. He wouldn't let us. And nobody wanted to pin him down. Raul, a thug downstairs, wanted to T-Bag him. Again, nobody wanted to pin James so it didn't happen. He was screaming "NO POON. NO POON." He was convinced that there was a floor beneath this one. And he chased Zillman with one of those boards. The next morning, after his Chemistry midterm, he threw up in front of a tour. Haha what a thug!



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