I Went To Backstreet Boys. Again.

Yeeeee!!! I saw another Backstreet Boys concert. It made me very, very happy. Oh my. But I was sad that day, October 15 (which was actually supposed to be the mini-Apocalypse) because nobody wanted to go with me. It made me really sad. Actually nobody wanted to pay the $77 for the legal tickets. And Ms. Numba 1 Hata, you know who you is. But I convinced my G Book to go. Actually I made him go. I said I would pay for his ticket. And this other girl Marcy said she'd go as well. This concert was pretty cool, except the other one was betta because of that one person. Not the one that first comes to mind though, y'all. We bought scalped tickets. It made me nervous at first. I don't like going to jail. But eventually everyone convinced me I wouldn't go to jail for purchasing scalped tickets. We went for free on Mr. Caltrain. And we bought $20 tickets. They were right in front of second row. Basically where I sat last time. Weird, huh? On the way back we took a taxi. And we pretended we were Japanese. But I am Japanese. They pretended. I like taxis. Well I know you don't wanna hear this fucking blabbing. Here are pics you bitches.


Mista Dumbass. Book was very, very drunk.

"Yasu, take pictures of me! I'm pretty!"

Here they come. Nick Carter!!! NICK CARTER!!!

Different attire than before.


We like Ms. Marcy. Even though she didn't want to come originally.

This is me. Hallo.


Book is a bad photographer, and he mugged us. MUGGED.COM.


Aren't we thug.com?

I thought Book took this horrible picture, but he's in the friggin picture. God I'm stupid. This was Marcy's bad. Bad Bad Marcy.

Anotha bad picture. Do you like old ladies?


God what great photography.

The new boyband. Townsend or some bullshit. Some bitch off the street took this bullshit. This is money.

Actually this is more money. This guy was real cool, look, he is representing West Menlo.



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