The Events of October 19, 2001

It was a Friday. The only thing was, it was kinda crazy. I wasn't feeling well this morning, so I did not drink at all. Very sober. My homies got a pony and hella otha fools were just chillin in the halls. The pictures pretty much describe themselves, so I'll shut the fuck up now. These pictures are not in chronological order.


Kegs interest me. I also like popcorn. And I don't have a machine, so I went to the movies to buy popcorn. Thankfully, they were ticketing at each movie instead of the theatre, so I could purchase popcorn without buying a ticket. That is nice. Don't you like to get a whole cup of "butter" at AMC and then dip your corn? Yia yia thugs!

Nick was passed out at like 11pm. He was very drunk. I kinda wanted to poon him, but I thought he would hit me the next day. When I asked him about it the next day, he said that he expected to be pooned. Well, boo.

Thank you whoever took this picture for not being able to take a clear one.

Nick was fucking crazy. 3 beer bongs?

Not again dogg.

"Shit, I'm drunk."

"God I'm belig."

"Hey mom, what up doggie? Yia yia, I'll pick you up tomorrow at the airport."

Finish. Book carried the full one almost all the way back to the dorms from his car. Respect dude.

Friendship. With friends.

Cohen's always flashing this bullshit.

Goddamn there were so many fucking people just posting in the hall.

Mr. Fresno Mike. Tennis playa. And Ms. Isabel.

"You see Ryan, that is why I like am so fucking belig all the time."


Jason was talking so much shit about how beer doesn't affect him. I told him to chug that shit.

Too many breaths. Not a chug.

But he finished. Kinda props.

"Fuck that. I'll do a real one." Yes you did James. No breath.

"You're thug."

Haha kegstands are so tite.

I think Nick did like 4 or 5 10 second stands. Wow.

Someone made him fall.

Me on the tap!

We gave so much respect to Book for thugging it up.

Some passing girls.

This fool drinks too much.

Stu got so silly this night.

He said something really funny, and we dropped on the ground laughing. Yes, that's our RA in the back.

"Fuck this I wanna get more drunk. Give me that bottle. And when I puke, I puke and rally." I didn't know what that was. Nick explained that it is when you puke, you chug a beer. Each time. I don't think I could do that.

He gargled it.

"Bring it bitch! Bring it! That's some firewater."

Aaron sometimes has problems when he gets drunk. He got all the free water bottles and put them in the elevator. But eventually he put them all back in place.



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