The Jungle

November 3, 2001. The Jungle happened. This is Yellow House's biggest party of the year. "The party of the month? Nah, the party of the year." 30 kegs/30 handles. Each year, they add one more keg and handle. I wonder how many they started out with. Maybe 20? James and Cohen were thuggish and bought me my "bid," or entrance ticket, since I was not at school at the time. It was $5. As it was, I was the #159 stunner. It started at 11:30. AM.


This is the party. There were many heads in the house. There were also DJs and dancing. It took place in the backyard.

Ah yia, the one of the two Budweiser girls that were there. And Mr. Danny Marshall, Nick Book's friend from Cal.


Some girls started to throw red Jell-O. It is icky and sticky though, so I didn't try and catch any.

But these people did try and catch the jiggly wonders. Hanley caught one in his mouth. Impressive.


Marshall, Cohen and some girl. They wanted me to take this picture.

Book and Zillman. I think that's Cohen's hand holding a nice beer.

Goldfish time! Guess what they're gonna do?

Book is going to eat one.

One down.

Hanley also eats one.

James likes to eat goldfish, so here is an epic.

Second one. I wasn't here for the first.


Third one. He tried to eat this without a chaser, which proved to be hard.

He kept on dropping and dropping the poor fish on the ground. Does is taste good licking that bullshit?

It's in...

Actually, no it's not.



Marshall also wanted to partake in this activity.

That's a nice one. You're pretty.

Well here I go. He dropped it into his beer.

So he needed to drink it.

With everyone shouting "Chug, chug, chug!" "Well, if I must," says Mr. Marshall. Total score: James- 3, Book- 1, Hanley-1, Marshall-1.

Wet T-shirt contest. This was kinda fun, but wasn't all that exciting.

I was on Nick's shoulders. I think we looked kinda gay. James, is that 2:10?

I think it is.

Nothing really happened up in here.

Until Nick tried to put me down and just fell, toppling both of us.

Sometimes you can hear some imaginative chants by the frat guys, ya know?

The party ended, er the kegs ran dry around 5pm. We went back to the dorms to go chop it up for a bit. Most of my friends passed out/went to sleep. I wasn't all that faded, so I was cool. We sobered up and then went to see Jet Li's "The One." It was a terrible. Do not go see it. We then went to the runs and got home around 3am. Fun day baby.



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