The Cluck U 911 Chicken Challenge

Cluck-U is a very good place to have chicken. They have this challenge- eat 12 wings with the hottest sauce in under 10 minutes, lick your fingers and then wait 5 minutes before drinking anything. And of course, you cannot drink while you are eating. If you finish, you get a nice T-shirt and your picture on the wall. I really wanted to be famous, so I started to train for it. However once I got to the "Traditional Death" level, my stomach hurt for two days. It wasn't good times. I knew that Stu could eat spicy food because I once brought "Global Thermo Nuclear" chicken to the dorms, and Stu ate a whole piece without a problem. He then proceeded to lick the sauce from the plate. I had a tiny piece and was on the ground crying. Some of us were bored one night and convinced Stu to take the challenge.


Here we set off.

Matt preps up Stu for the challenge.

Here's the menu. You see, 911 chicken isn't even listed. You gotta know about it beforehand. It's a secret thing. Shhh, don't tell anyone.


"Give me 911 chicken."

You have to sign a waiver before you have the chicken since it's so goddamn spicy and someone might get hurt. And sue. And people don't like lawsuits against them.

Done and done.

I was getting antsy waiting for the chicken to come so I had a picture taken of me.

They wanted a picture too.

Here comes Tom and his friend to join in on the fun.

The guy is watching. He found it amusing I think.

"This ain't bad." The chicken was covered in thick paste. I had a bit and my mouth burned for a good 30 minutes.

You can do it Stu!

He's starting to hurt. Notice his eyes.

After about 6 pieces, Stu gave up. Nice try man. He started crying, see? I'm surprised he even got this far. I wanna see someone do it!!! Can you?



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