My school likes to gaffle everyone out of every dolla, so they made me get a meal plan. I explained to them that I would never eat there but apparently if you live in the dorms you have to get a meal plan. Ok, so I have $3000 to spend. I used to eat at the cafeteria, but I had the worst stomachache of my life after eating the food one day. No more eating there. I had $500 left on my account, so I did the logical thing. I bought $500 worth of chips and Red Bull. You might be asking yourself why I bought the two aforementioned items. Well, everyone likes chips and I can sell Red Bull for cash. So there.


Downstairs is where this lurks.

This is it.

This is also it.

This is one of our photographers.

He also had some money on his access card. That is a pretty weak pile, no?

Bling, bling.

This is my pile. It's nice.

Isn't it grand?

This is the lady that rang us up.

That's only half of what I got.

I think she didn't like this too much.

But she was very nice and gave us boxes to carry the goods back to the dorms.

I cleared that.

We took everything back in one fucking trip!!! We are tite.com. Cohen had all the chips in that garbage bag. It was quite amusing. He looked like Santa Claus.

My helpers.

All the chips.

After dividing everything up between my homies, this is what I was left with. Does anyone wanna buy some Red Bull? Colin?



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