Haha, Haha, Will Smith (A Fun Weekend)

I thought this weekend would be kinda boring. It actually kinda wasn't, mmmkay? I didn't get very many pictures because I suck. So read the stories if you would like.


•Wednesday, maybe Thursday night (not technically the weekend, but oh well)

James is weak sauce and goes to bed at like 10:30pm. Nick bangs on his door at 1 am and proceeds to Cohen's room. James comes a little later, bangs on the door and bitch slaps Nick in the face. Nick has a big handprint. It actually would've been a lot cooler if he backhanded him, haha.



And for the first time in the history of YasusHouse.com, a video. However, since I am not a stunner of the #1 variety, it is not streaming. You need to go ahead and download it (AVI format). We paid Jake $10 for James to hit him in the face. This first clip shows the prep for it.

This clip actually does the deed, mmmkay?


We didn't do anything spectacular this night, we just posted and ran around. It was fun though!



Absolutely nothing. We didn't drink no orange juice that night.



Ok, this was the most interesting night of the weekend. I have consulted with my associates and this is what we can disclose of this night. We went to go post at this spot (where you have to go around a fence and through bushes). This guy chased us out. We were very scared and ran back to school. However we were rolling 6 deep and we felt like bitches. We went back (with the first guy circling the parking lot) and some other guy chased us out. I was quite frightened. Yes, I know, I'm a little biatch. Then the first guy offers to sell us weed. $124/ounce. I don't smoke weed, but that definitely sounded wrong. He told us to come around the fence to get it. We knew we were going to get robbed so we went ahead and bounced. (Note: See, it might sound like we're being complete bitches, but something happened before which is very freaky.) Then we chilled for a bit in the dorms. And then we found this guy who was naked and was passed out in a puddle of his own piss. His pants were also covered in piss. There were about 50 people in the hall, laughing. Nobody knew who he was, and he was in some guys' dorm room. He ruined one the guy's clothes and shoes. It was funny because the naked guy was in there for an hour before anyone noticed. One of the residents of the room was out and one was watching TV. People went ahead and pooned him. And then campus safety came. And even they were laughing. Interesting situation, I tell you. Yeah... one other thing happened, but it's kinda sketch. If you know me, you probably already know about it. Peace easy.



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