The Campaign

I was being a nerd and looking at old computer files. I found something that brings back some memories. Some of you may remember, I ran for Sophomore Vice President. In my campaign, I printed out a bunch of pictures of my younger days with slogans and posted them all over the school. Here are a select few. Each page had "Vote Yasu for Vice President" on top, the picture, and then the slogan on the bottom.



He 4-Wheels.

He's #1.

He's been to Arkansas.

He gets along with the elderly.

He frightens away enemies.

He's an explorer.

He works hard.

He's in touch with nature.

He's a race-car driver.

He's a sailor.

He sings.

His grandmother taught him to ski.

He flies a spaceship.

He loves his teddy bear.

He's a warrior.



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