Eh, Another Miscellaneous

Oh, how many of you can spell miscellaneous without looking it up? Be honest. This here is like I'm The Kid With The Golden Arms because I have pictures, but not enough pictures for each subject to deserve its own sub-section here at the I hope that made sense. For those of you who are antsy, I will go ahead and tell you what is included on this page. The Aaron Carter concert, the Budweiser factory and UC Davis, mmmmkay? So without any further ado...


This here is Dream Street. Oh god they were so gay. Haha but many of you are probably thinking, "Yasu but I think you're gay for fucking going to this bullllllshit!" Hrmm, I don't agree. James was my date to this concert. It cost me $90 American. Yeah uh it wasn't worth it. It sucked. I don't like him that much anymore. February 22, 2002 was the date. If we weren't both drunk we probably would've left it was so bad. But I guess they target little girls and boys since that's all we saw there, so it shouldn't appeal to us. We probably looked like homo-sexual pedofiles. How many homo-sexual pedofiles do we all know? 1! But anyway, this was kinda funny because this 15 year old girl next to me spilled my full beer and I was like, "Uh yeah you owe me $6, you spilled my beer." And then after arguing with her mom for 5 minutes her mom actually pays me $6! Hahaha! She's like, "You should use the cup holders." Mmmkay, good advice.

Our seats were bad so we moved down to where we could see better.

I remember eating popcorn here. Oh it was good. I love popcorn. I remember when I was going to get a popcorn machine. It would've been so pimp to have my own machine. However my dad shot that idea down like nobody's business. Aw. Give me a hug. Or a popcorn machine. And please don't say but you can always eat microwave popcorn. Microwave popcorn is a sin. It is an atrocity to popcorn. Me no likey. I was watching a TV show where they said do you likey? I was amazed. Fuck I can't remember which one though!

The security guys were such bitches. James and I walked out the doors and tried to get back in to actually see Aaron C, however they wouldn't let us. And then after trying to haggle, they wouldn't listen to any of that and threatened to call the po-lice. Then we were lost and didn't know where the Alameda was, and so we set out to ask people. People seemed to be scared of us and ran away. It hurt my feelings. But finally I saw Huens' 18" chrome and we ran to his car, safe and sound ready to go back to school.

This was later that night when everyone was just drunk as shit. We were rolling like 9 or 10 deep in this room at one point. Good times.

Me and the Mista Ted decided to go up to UC Davis to visit with our good friends Steve and Doug. But the Budweiser factory is half an hour away, so of course we couldn't pass that up. Steve, me and two girls I didn't know rolled here to the nice Fairfield. When I saw the Budweiser factory I was so excited I mis-shifted. It was kinda -100 stunner.

Ah, that is just golden goodness that you can feel right here (touch your heart). It brings tears to my eyes. I love Budweiser. Especially Bud Light, huh Lauren? Yeah I love you Budweiser.

A question: What is the #1 beer sold in the world? Answer: Budweiser. What is #2? Bud Light. Isn't that insane? Anheuser-Busch has 51% domestic beer marketshare.

We took a tour but they didn't allow pictures. I sneaked this one of the bottling line. It wasn't running though. The tour ruled, it started off with videos of the brewing process. We got free samplers. One day old Bud Light. Oh my god is there anything better than drinking one day old Bud Light at the Bud factory? I think not. Always remember, pour your beer in a cup so you smell the beer and not the glass or aluminum when you go to take a drink. Advice brought to you by Budweiser. And then it was question/answer. And then. And then. And then comes the good part! She asked for three volunteers. I was gonna but they sweated me so hard on my ID so I didn't want that again. Steve volunteered. For what you ask? A taste test. Can you tell the difference between skunky beer or good beer. Shit, that shit's easy. There were three people- Steve, this unbelievably hot girl who in no way was 21 and the number one stunner. He was dressed in all Bud gear. He ruled. As you can guess, Steve and the number one stunner chose the right beer. The girl didn't, but that is OK cause she was so fucking hot. Then they got these sick-ass Honorary Brewmaster certificates in a tite Anheuser-Busch folder. Oh god I was soooo jealous. Their gift shop also ruled. I spent $100 on Budweiser memorabilia including a Bud Light pool cue, pitcher, mugs, coasters, lighters, t-shirts. Oh let me tell you about the t-shirts. They are sick as fuck, and they are only $6. Yeah, perhaps I should dress exclusively in Bud gear. Fuck Gucci. Fuck Prada. Bud. Oh how hick do I sound?

This is the award that Mr. Burkholder got. How pimp is that shit???

This is back at Davis where we went to go pet cows. I've always wanted to do that. However cows are dirty as shit. It hurt my feelings. See, it's trying to lick me.

You can see the disgust on my face.

Then I touched it. I wanted to take it back to the dorms. But anyway, Davis seemed to suck. I feel bad for you guys. I thought my school was bad, but I dunno, Davis might take that torch. I can't wait to go up again and see you fools though!



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