For those of you who are halfway smart, you remember that our school sucks and doesn't let you get a smaller meal plan. And I don't eat here. Haven't eaten here once this quarter. So I have $1045 every quarter that just gets thrown away. I fucking love it. It's just like I put $3000 in a trashcan and burn it. A fucking hobo trashcan fire. Well enough venting. Those of you with mathematical abilities beyond your years, you are probably questioning the $395 that seems to be missing. I went ahead and fed the homeless with that money. To the good people at Innvision. Cohen, Jake and I actually went there one night to throw support. There were some cool people there. However as I was driving away some biatch flipped me off. Uh excuse me, I just fed you, mmmkay? That's not cool. So with the leftover money, I decided to buy stuff at the market.


This is the walk over there. It was very cold, so James lent me his jacket.

Here is Cohen and Conor. I think it's the first time Conor's been on The House. Congratulations.

Conor again picking out some goods.

Nick, Cohen and James looking around. Get the Spam! Get the Spam!

Here is 3 of the 4 bags of chips that we got. Chips are very good. According to Nick, chips are so good because they are high in calories. Things high in calories taste good because back in the day when we were starving cavemen, we needed food with the most calories to survive and give us energy to run around and hunt. So the tastebuds grew to like calories. And our present-day tastebuds haven't evolved from them.

The ring up.

Big pimpin, spending G's.

"Hey Yasu, take a picture of me!"

What nice eyes you have Cohen.

The roommates.

This is some weird girl I was talking to. Apparently she told someone that she was a vegetarian and her meal plan was cut in half. I told her I was a vegan Jew and I still didn't get that deal. She was like oh that's too bad. You need to go higher and higher up the chain.

James and two of his friends from MA.

These people in line must've loved me. Gina looks like Misa huh?

We borrowed a cart to take the shit back.

And we also got these nice crates.

Ah what a nice looking group of kids.

I like taking pictures of people taking pictures of me.

The walk back. I didn't carry anything cause I was a lazy biatch.

I really like Susan and Ben so here they are!


As we divide up the shit... I ate a half bottle of mustard in one pull. It was good. I love mustard. I got $10. That's the first time I got paid to eat something unlike our friend Steve who eats anything for money. Remember when we went to Red Lobster and he ate a crayon and all those lemons. "Ok Yasu pay me." "Ah nah dude you gotta eat the rinds too." "FUCK YOU!" Haha that was funny. Back to this night. Then Adam ate a can of Spam for 3 bags of chips. Holy shit that's digusting. Spam is crazy nasty.



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