YasusHouse.com: The Goodbye Edition

Well friends our first year of college is over. It's been good and bad y'all... keep it real. And we will miss you Mr. James and Mr. Nicholas. Hmmm this won't be too humorous because this shizzle makes me kinda sad.



The VDT doing the usual... drinking Coke and bulllllllllshittin'.

Oh shit out come the drinking glasses. They look nice on you Mr. Calvani.

Oh yeah!

Striker and Jake.

Haha doesn't Nick look REAL happy to be at our school???

Susan and Jocelyn came and joined us for a bit.

Apparently Mr. Conor had never had a picture taken with the drinking glasses.

On June 11, 2002 after my Japanese final (my last one!) I started on one of my life goals. 24 in 12. I started at 11am. 2 an hour for 12 hours straight. Oh it's going to be hard. Here's me and my roommate Marshall.

Shit let's go.

I'm about half done I think.


I'm finished by this point. God I rule.

Tell me, how do I rule so much?

Nothing to say here...

Jake wanted us to make him faint. Here's how it works... one person pushes on the other person's chest while he breathes in and out very deeply.

Striker couldn't do it so James is giving it a go.

...And then Raul.

Shit! Didn't work!

Some stupid fucker took out the handicapped sign.

Well goodbye fellas.

Bye 'Slina.

Here is the beer tower that I steadily added to during the last quarter of freshman year. Notice it is on the 9th level. I almost finished the 10th (7 cans left) but it fucking fell down. It is 7x7x however high it is. Do you know how many cans that is?

It fell when a loose Red Bull from above knocked the whole thing over.

It came down like thunder. It made me very very sad.

Can you feel my pain???

So I tried to build a pyramid, but it didn't work so hot. The cans weren't setting right.

Well, time to be a bum and turn in all the cans.

With the Mr. Burkholder.

Almost three baskets worth.

Almost 500 cans and I only got $11.95. Fuck! Can't even buy a 24 pack with that. Oh well...

This is the booze I bought with the money. It's a great cycle, no?



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