A Reflection on the Year Twenty Oh Two

What's up everybody, so glad you're here, Coolio with the flow back in your ear. This isn't no reflection on the year twenty oh two. It's just a bunch of pictures again! Including the New Year's. How's your winter break been bitches? I have only a few more days until I have to go back to that hell hole of a school. Enough ranting. Were you all good boys and girls and did Santa bring you nice toys and shimmering bling bling? Tell me, I'm curious george. Remember that little song, about the 10 monkeys jumping on the bed? Well if you don't, here it goes. "10 little monkeys jumping on the bed. One fell off and bumped his head. Mama called the doctor and the doctor said, 'No more monkeys jumping on the bed!'" And then it goes "9 little monkeys..." and so on. It's a kid's version of 99 bottles of beer on the wall I believe. Cause kids shouldn't be drinking no beer. That only leads to them busting liqs when they older. I'll leave you with this one little fact. Ale was traditionally served in pints and quarts, so the saying "Mind your Ps and Qs" was referring to alcohol consumption. Blows your mind huh? Pictures come courtesy of yours truly, Burkholder, Connor Curtis, Pete and the Mr. Jason Schwartz.


This was a while back (during the summer I believe) when we went up to Douglas' cabin in Tahoe. It's a nice cabin, obviously. Here I am tubing; being pulled by Doug's Rinker. I sucked it up so bad I stayed on maybe 20 seconds. And the water is fucking freezing.

This is Doug's 250cc dirtbike I rode a bit. It's so big both my feet can't touch the ground. So I have to lean it to the left to start it and then lean it to the right to tap into first. You don't have to tell me, I know. I'm a stunner.

When James was visiting we took a picture where everyone had to grab something. Notice Jake has a knife to Stricker's throat. "Who's that Asian kid that looks like you?" you ask. That's Byung. It's funny cause his name is Byung and his roommate's name is Steven, and Byung's the one that can speak English. It brings me amusement. While we're on the subject of people looking like each other, let me let you into a little fact. People suffer from "own-race bias," which means people not your race look the same. Isn't that strange?

This is Serene. She impressed me greatly with her knowledge of fine watches, the home country and her ability to drive stick.

First day out with the gun. Cohen couldn't hit a bird to save his life, I think he hit two total. But no matter, he's a gangster who will fuck you up.

Dr. Chiba on the 12 gauge.

And our resident expert, Connor Curtis.

This is a video of me shooting trap. It was my first day out, so that explains the shitty stance.

More spooning time, with Ernizzle!

Jake is handcuffed to Colleen with Connor's handcuffs. Why do you have furry handcuffs Conor? Someone took this picture without my consent and nobody will tell me who did it. It's like a fucking ghost in the shell.

People enjoy flashing bangs, and Jenna and Vanessa are no exception. This was a let down because they told us they had Michelob Ultra, but they definitely had Natural Lite. I think.

So during Thanksgiving break a bunch of us were bored and watched some 80s porn. The girl's father who's house this is seems to enjoy it greatly. The previous time we were here we found a tape called "Anal Riders."

Jason's a little fucked up in the head. Here he is growing his "mane." Like a lion.

This was back in the day though.

Now look at his fuckin' hair!

It's December, so time to go to Utah to see Nick. Here's a bunch of us one night shotgunning. Guess who wins.

Nick says that this restaurant is better than Cluck U. I didn't believe, so we came here to eat. It was alright, but Cluck U is still #1.

The kid in the yellow is D. Coleman. He produces rappers and such out of his home studio. He's fucking tite, his cuts are stunner. When am I going to receive them Nick???

These two are Nick's housemates. The one on top is Chappa, the self proclaimed whitest Mexican, and the one on bottom is the D. Fratto.

New Year's Eve 2002. So me, Burkholder, Ted, Peter and Emmett decide to go up to the city. But we gotta get shit faced first. So here's what we started out with, at 5pm.

To get drunk quicker (and to have a warm one for waterfalls) we like double fisting.

I thought this is a good picture of me so I included it.

See the beer belt Emmett's wearing? That was supposed to be a birthday present for me, but when he got it in the mail it was so sick he decided to keep it. What a wonderful friend. The thing is, I pulled the exact same thing for Christmas by not giving him a Ducati t-shirt.

The Mista Ted is our chauffeur to the train station.

When taking the train, always remember to walk on the other side of the yellow line.

Do you get touchy-feely when you're drunk?

The train ride up was insane. Everyone and their mothers were drinking and the conductors didn't care. The ride was even free! Well we see this guy drinking with impunity, so we definitely decide to follow his lead.

Here I am making a weird ass face drinking Bud Light on the train.

They only had one toilet for the whole train, so you can guess the kind of line that awaited.

Emmett decides to start drinking on the street.

Sometimes girls don't like it when a strange man takes their picture from behind.

These fools are Air Force ROTC, and they don't even know how to fly!

Me, Steve and Emmett are drinking on the street. It's quite fun.

As we were rounding a corner, cops started to look at us funny so I had to duck in here to "corner" and finish my beer. How I came up with the word corner is a fun one. I'll tell you about it. See Lizzie had an away message up that said "comering" which I guess means eating in Spanish. It looked like "cornering" and thought that was really clever. But it wasn't, so I kinda gafted it.

This is a nice view of the Bay Bridge. A little later on there's an even better view!

Steve tripped and fell and started complaining. Shut up nag, it's just a little scratch you bitch! Haha.

Gordon Biersch was way too crowded so we bounced.

And went to Chevy's, where this margarita was 10 fucking dollars. I complained to our waiter and told him the Chevy's at home isn't this expensive. Something tells me he didn't care too much.

Drunk Emmett was eating some of his sugar quesadillas.

So we got hats for some reason. Here I think I'm calling Shehan to see where he is. Where the fuck were you man!?

Then I got this bright idea to go around and put Chevy's hats on girls and then start dancing like assholes. Here are our first victims. This girl thought I was "sexy."

A video of me dancing like an asshole.

The streets were fucking packed. Try going against the flow of the crowd, it's disgusting. I now see how so many people get crowd trampled and die.

Drunk stumbling to find some more people to fuck around with.

I told these girls I graduated from SI in '01. Apparently I was in their class, and they're like I don't remember you. I was like that's fucked up, but I don't remember you either. The girl on the left goes to SCU. Andy Benton, do you know her?

I don't even remember what I talked to these two about.

Some guy was posting on the pole and people were looking at him like he was Jesus.

Pretty fireworks!

And it's 2003. It was fun, but I really wish we had more Embarcadero time. We were only there for maybe an hour.

We went to go see one of Emmett's friend's apartment. It was so sick. Penthouse, the view was incredible. All for a low low price of $7000/month. The kid drives 3 Lamborghini's. #1 stunner, no doubt, no doubt. Well with this detour we missed the 1:00 am train, and had to run two miles to make the 1:15 am. I was so out of shape it was insane. And people kept on yelling at us and trying to trip us. We got there... and the train didn't leave until like 2:00 am. Shit. Peace out.



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