Whan Whan, Everytin I'ry

What's shaking. I's cannot believe that mofo'ers from schools are already out. I have another month to go... although I am enjoying school a lot more than before. Like 3 weeks ago I ran into Chiuchiarelli and she was already out I was in shock. Have you seen The Lizzie McGuire Movie? The best line from it was said by Kate: "Lizzie McGuire, you are an outfit repeater!" It struck me as funny because I could see some people from my high school saying that. I'll end this social commentary on this note- Would you rather get a DUI in the morning after drinking with a .03 BAC or at night with a .14? Cause it would be kinda disappointing to get a DUI with a .03, although that would be an amusing story to tell. Rock the vote.


Someone puked in the girl's wing second floor and it took 2 days to clean it up it was so disgusting.

This is me on the first and last time I will ever get high. We made brownies and I didn't realize I was high so I kept on eating until I ate 1/16. After getting some of the Taco Bell, it hit me. I got so paranoid oh my fucking goodness. It was a drug that was pure anxiety and nervousness I hated it. I even convinced myself that I was Jesus Christ, someone betrayed me and I was going to be crucified the next day. And I started to sob.

This is a video of me being a spaz that night; I couldn't sit still I wonder how many calories I burned.

These nice gentlemen took care of me that night, namely driving me back from the apartment because I couldn't walk back- "they" were out to get me.

I've said it once, I'll say it again. And probably some more. Doug is a genius. He made this reverse osmosis water thing so that they can drink pure water. Although it's kinda gross that it's in the bathroom...

When I went to Davis Burkholder informed me of these nice kitties outside of their apartment. I haven't seen kittens in forever and I wanted to take them home. But I settled for watching them intently and petting them from time to time.

Can you read that? Yeah it says there's asbestos in our rooms. That's wonderful I'm going to make $100 million from my lawsuit.

I walked back one day and was suprised to see this.

What the fuck?

Oh it is Cohen's birthday. Apparently on your birthday someone from the building comes early in the morning and does this. I thought he had a secret admirer or something; I was perplexed. And by the way who took off my Lizzie McGuire ad that Jenna put up I will kill you.

Surprisingly I was invited to a DG event. Here is I with Bentley, Mieka and the Jennafer in velour. Did you know that velour isn't really a "new" fabric- it's like 30% cotton, 70% nylon.

Damn that pimp Ben Taft.

So Nick Carter has faded into nothingness, and Hilary Duff is getting way too huge I don't like it. I needed a new idol, and started thinking. Jimmy Kimmel, perhaps? No, me. I'm going to be my new idol. So Cohen got us a photo-shoot so that I could get posters of myself on my wall. That nice lady was the photographer who told off-color jokes that I found amusing but made Jake and Cohen uncomfortable.

This is the Campisi t-shirt, modeled by Marshall. It's ridiculously funny, and if you knew why you are laughing too. And by the way, Dirty D cannot spell "elevator."

This skunk had the gall to come eat my cats' food in the middle of the day. Did you know- one of the few animals that don't mind skunk spray is the owl.

Here is my brave soldier standing watch.

What's wrong with this picture? Well for one ______ is using the ladies' restroom.

Hey look it's Fresno Mike.

Stricker once again regains his title for the most ridiculous drunk, EVER.

My cat sometimes thinks he's a dog and carries this stuffed animal around the house in his mouth. He also hides socks and spectacles around the house like a squirrel and acorns. But no, he does not bury anything.



May 11, 2003

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