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Good evening. It is summer time, and I must say one thing. Spring Quarter 2003 I did not miss one class. Dr. Chiba, I am so fucking proud of you. Anyway, the day I moved out and went back to West Menlo I went to Walgreen's to pick up some Bee playing cards since Blackjack is all I think about now. And you would be amazed at how many 8th grade Hillview hoodrat-sluts there were I didn't know what to say. Kids in my day never dressed like that, I'll tell you what. But who am I kidding? I hollered. Hah. I should've gotten some pics but that would be socially unacceptable. And with my great social skills, I knew that to be a bad thing. And one more thing- I thought America's Next Top Model was brilliant, but it is your stereotypical TV show. As of this writing, there is one of each type of girl (one exception, but that will be fixed- pure speculation)- a blonde, a brunette, a latina looking one, a quirky one that's not very good looking that Jake lived next to when he was younger (isn't that fantastic) and two black girls. I guarantee this, next week (06/17/2003) one of the black girls will be kicked off, and it's going to be Robin. I'm writing this on (06/15/2003) for all of you avid Entirenet fans to see how great I am. I call this the Jenna page because she is in almost as many pictures as this one narcissistic Dr. I know.


Oh yeah P.S.- Using my advanced Academy of Art College Ph.D. in Graphic Design with Adobe Photoshop, I have created a favicon. You will see this in your browser next to the URL. It should be a little icon of a red house with a blue "Y" in the middle. And when you bookmark my page, it should show up there as well... just to keep the high standards of from falling.


P.S.P.S.- I added a Message Board. Oh god it's sick.

For those of you in Menlo ONLY. This here is the El Camino end of the Valparaiso, when the fuck did they put in these yellow bumper things? Now you gotta wait instead of cutting over to go left onto the El Camino. Saving time is one of my hobbies, and this hinders it greatly.

Right before a day party Huens wanted to buy new clothes to wear like a girl. So we went to Macy's, and I noticed the brushes on the escalator. I think they're shoe scrubbers, but Cohen and Huens told me that I was stupid and they're so you don't get laces stuck. Whateva...

Here is the Sara Brown who is usually much more photogenic. And here is I, looking absolutely retarded. Why is this pic even up???

Caitlin, Jenna and Jackie. Caitlin is another person who thought that I didn't know who she was, and I was thinking the same thing!!! Does this happen to you? Because this is not the first time this has happened; it's actually fairly frequent.

Just remember, any picture with Jackie, Jenna, Ben Taft and the Dr. is going to be A-list material. Next year Jackie and Jenna are going to dress up as the Hilton sisters for Halloween isn't that great?

It's all about looking past the camera... but Taft dropped the ball on that one.

This was probably the funniest thing of the day/night. I was walking back and Sean comes stumbling by when this conversation took place. Me: You alright Sean? Sean: No. Me: Hahahahahahaha. Honestly, I have never heard anyone say "No" when being asked if he was alright. Then he went around asking for a blanket because he was locked out of his room. Lucky for him the Dr. was there and I made him a makeshift queen size bed out of the lounge couches, and made him a blanket out of paper towels like a true Native American.

Oh god, Dr. Chiba you are a fucking ninja. I took this in Econ when class was in session with people getting they learn on. If you go to my school you have probably seen Ange riding this ridiculous scooter around. It's actually pretty fast too she can do some damage. Anyway, this picture is for all of you who wonder, "Hey! I wonder if she takes that thing to class or locks it up!" I accept gratitude in written form only.

Holy shit. It's Marshall at a party.

Using my intense Photoshop skills I have circled people that need to be noted. Green- this kid looks like he's 10. Red- What the fuck is Marshall doing up on stage dancing??? Blue- NRod's in the house. You may remember NRod from the basketball match when Huens practiced his mantra of GBGH. I needed to ruin a perfectly good picture and use foreign elements because I imagine many of you are not wonderful Where's Waldo players like I am.

Well this move is not a Yasu original but a Douglas copy. I learned this when he showed it to me on the boat. Apparently he "peaces" on his forehead while cruisin' 80 MPH on Lake Tahoe in the Scarab while passing by the nice young ladies.

Oh- apparently Jenna got a little bored.

Finally we all got it, however Vanessa looks more like she's saluting then peacing.

Move out day- June 12, 2003. Sad sad times.

Going to Davis- why is there this much traffic on a Saturday??? It was like this from 3Com Park to Vacaville. And for those of you not "in the know" that is like 50 miles.

There's a plane in the distance, and Burkholder yells, "Pull!" alluding to shotgun fantasies.

The greatest looking man alive, haha. We brought back some girls to show them "The Greatest Looking Man Alive," like he was a circus side-show. And one of them apparently said, "Oh yeah he is hot."

We went to this party and they had a duck. It must've been under lots of stress; for it was nipping at everybody.

Yeah... doesn't this girl look like Tina Fey from SNL?

Another one of Doug's creations. This is his hydroponic setup for strawberries. Why doesn't he grow weed? Only "The One," who many refer to as God, knows. Or if you were hardcore religious, G-d. "Out of respect," says Neer Roggel.



 June 15, 2003

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