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Today I worked on The House, hardcore. From the time I woke up at 11:30am to now, 6:30pm, with a short lunch break, I have been fixing things here and there. It is now so organized I can finally put my OCD senses to rest. If you find any broken links, spelling or grammatical errors or missing pictures, please tell me. Going through the old pages, I see how much better The House has gotten. Good job Dr.

As I was looking through old pictures, I realized that now that everything's been said and done, I can put some pictures up that I wasn't able to before for some reason or another. Jenna suggested that I title this Uncensored, however some images had to be left out to protect the innocent. So that would be false advertising. As it stands, I am the Last Mohican, the last of the original VDT. Cohen and Stricker are going to the UW and Jake is going wherever he's going. The Last of the Mohicans, although a good movie, was kinda bullshit because they make it seem that Daniel Day-Lewis is the last Mohican, however it is the father figure who is the true last Mohican.

Like the new logo? Courtesy of Mr. DJ Ross.


Doug's go-kart, burning out, with me mugging in it.

Phil and I went to see Christina Aguilera before she got all skanky in San Jose. We drove halfway there on 101, got lost, and had to find our way to 280. Once we got there, we realized we had forgotten our presents. Third time, we get there, 3 hours after our original departure.

Gotta remember the 3 series burnout thanks to Douglas.

My unc's helicopter.

The high school 4x100 relay team didn't get any better than this. 1st in our league, dead last at CCS. Ben, Coach Julie, me, Kim and Michi. We were all freshmen besides Ben.

Doug made me an opening picture way back in the day. Sadly, it was never used because the tone of this picture didn't really match The House's ambience.

Colin's friend Vince said he could eat two plates of 911 Chicken freshman year. We all know how absurd that statement is.

Yeah, he finished one piece.

Here's a curling session. Remember when I wanted to be on the Olympic curling team? That dream is still not dead my friends.

Freshman year, all I wanted was a full fridge of beer. This is the first time that I actually got it. It made me so happy.

After getting off probie last year, my moms bought us Cristal, 2 bottles of Dom and a bottle of VC. They were delicious.

I did feel bad however, since one bottle of Cristal could've purchased many fun nights with Buddy Light.

You know you are a stud when you're rocking both a Bud 40 and Cristal.

James, haven't seen you in forever buddy.

Jake told us about Power, Half Hour. Instead of Power Hour where you take a shot of beer every minute for an hour, here you take a shot every 30 seconds for 30 minutes. Stricker and Book decided to try.

Until about 22 minutes, it was smooth sailing.

We got Jake on the timer. Notice we downloaded a stopwatch program. Yes, we're that sick.

They started burping up foam; I didn't think they could finish it.

Look at Stricker's face of utter sadness and remorse for attempting such a stupid act.

But they did it!

Same night, James is going to bong a 40. This is the same man that pulled 20 oz. of Vodka and threw up right afterwards. If you have pictures/video of that, send it this way.

Here's a video of us preparing in the bathroom.

A video of the feat. You'll be surprised at the people who are watching. At the very end you can hear Fresno Mike saying, "All I can say is, no webpages" to which I replied, "Fo sho no." Oh well, that was back in the day.

An interview afterwards with the hero, James.

For old times' sake I put this video up. When Nick freaks out, it is either really scary (if he's freaking out at you) or is highly entertaining. Note- Nick knows better to freak out at me, I will end him. But sadly we never got footage of Big Foot on the rampage. Here he is getting mildly angry. Kevin's friend was being an asshole and saying that bonging a 40 was easy, and this is when this conversation took place.

Drunk night- April 5, 2002. See, usually when we drink one VDT member stays somewhat sober so that he can take care of the others. We decided to fuck that and get really really shitty. All of us. Here I am just posting cause they other dudes were lagging.

Here we start.

Bet I'm feeling good now.

Sadly I don't have very many pictures of this night. I remember some shit going down, but I can't recall exactly what. Oh well


This was a weak update. I promise, the next two will be good. I got them planned already.



 August 13, 2003

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