Dirty Laundry

Yo. Laundry is the bane of my existence. I am doing it now and it is taking forever. My ma told me for new clothing you have to wash each one separately at first or else the colors will mix. Is this true? Because I just bought some new shirts and it is taking forever and if it wasn't for Amit, Dhani, Sara and Marie otherwise known as The A*Teens, I might as well be dead. And why is it that when I import pictures the first one always ends up at the bottom? Let me tell you, it's quite annoying. By the way, The House has brought me some fame. At a party a girl comes up to me and says, "Are you Yasu? I've seen YasusHouse." I am so cool.


3 kegs for Charlie's 21st. One of the Heineken, one of the Natural Light and one of Keystone Light. I won't lie I posted with the Natty and Keystone because I find Heineken too bitter. A bitter beer makes you a bitter man.

Ferd laid it on the table when he boasted that he could singlehandedly get 100 people over to our house.

Look! Erin brought me a flower!

Yet another picture of Taft and Erin. When are these two going to get married? If you look real close, you can see some yellow on Erin's face. Is it jaundice or pollen from the flower?

Here's me on the tap with the flower in my shirt. Yes I must've looked quite gay.

Mr. Dallas and Lindsey, one of the girls living in the back.

White House had a 50 Cent party, so knowing our school, what was it? Wigger central.

Lindsay by far had the best get-up except when she started showing us her golf swing. Cause you know, 50 Cent doesn't play golf.

We tried to get Sargon to take off his shirt for this pic. He is a like a Greek god it is so amazing.

I woke up in the middle of the night and see some feet in the kitchen. It's Ben, eating Cluck U by himself at 1am. Something about that situation made me laugh.

Huens, Ferd and I were downloading the Hey Ya video on Kazaa (hey isn't that illegal?) when we got extreme speeds. I know this sounds nerdy, but I got really excited when we were pushing 200k.

At Charlie's house, he has one of those sex exercise machines. Ben and I were using it and we didn't understand how it worked. I mean, you don't get tired!

These are the fish. A lion fish and a puffer fish. Today we fed them 4 goldfish, and the lion fish got them all. You know what they say about fish- they will eat and eat until they literally kill themselves. So we stopped feeding them. Them as in the lion fish. The puffer sucks. It doesn't even puff up.

Charlie's 21st. Oh no.

Dallas: You see Mr. Charles, even though you don't want to drink 21 drinks, you have to do it to become a man. It's like one of those Indian rituals where you have to run 30 miles with a mouthful of water, and at the end you can spit it all out. But harder.

Guinness it is. Bud Light, you've taken great care of me throughout the years, but at the bar there's nothing better than a nice Guinness.

God I don't know what number this man is on right here.

I won't lie I got pretty drunk. What a change huh. And no Dallas is not THAT much taller than me.

Is it just me or when you open up your first Bud Light of the night, do you think to yourself, "Oh Lord... here we go again."?

Out in the street in front of our house. This man was shit faced and a half. So we looked after him and laughed at him. All in good nature, of course.

Look what we got here! A drunk man cornering on the curb outside of our house. Where is the po-lice when you need 'em?

The SC car club. Oh it was the sauce. There were about two cool cars, and then the rest of them were normal everyday ones you see on the street.

You'd be amazed at the strength of a hair dryer vs. water stains. I compare it to an eagle fighting a dragon. Dragon, no contest. Except for if you're going to have a tatu of it on your chest, cause then they both have to be winning and losing at the same time. 5 minutes, and everything was dry.

This is the steamer/iron I bought at the mall. I knew I shouldn't have bought it. These cheap shitty things you see on the telly and at the mall look good on TV and at the store, but as soon as you bring it home, it is a piece of shit. And this was no exception. Why didn't I trust my instinct? And yes, that is the picture of myself I have on my desk that people have been giving me heat for. Is it that weird? Even if it is, I really don't give a fuck.

Woohoo! I love this jet. This guy is so confident in himself because he has his own jet that he got the most ostentatious paint scheme ever. I love it, I love it.

Another Ice House party, another night where the po-lice sit outside.

Here are some fans of The House that wanted to be featured, namely Christine on the very right. I like Aaron Stricker.

Katie: "Jake... isn't that the really hot one?"

I got a picture of him! Skyler aka Freddie Prinze Jr. is in the house.

This dude is a replica of Andy, Ben's friend. There's also this girl who looks exactly like Soraya Van Dillen. One day soon I will get her picture and post it on The House.

After a heavy night of drinking... I wanted to spoon, Ben kinda wanted to spoon, and these two wanted to spoon (together). So we improvised into a 4 way spoon. Yes, I am still spooning with guys. I rock.

The Dr. looking quite happy at brunch with Huens' friend Michelle. This place is not bad although I forgot what it's called. Close to school, good omlettes.

We're coming back from brunch when Bric pulls this from the floor of Huens' Jeep. Why the fuck does Huens have lunch meat sitting in his car, not even in an ice box. Jesus H. Christ.

Make up your mind... is it Chevron or Standard?

This is the worst bathroom setup ever. See when you are urinating, someone could jimmy the door open and the assailant would have a clear view of your PEN-15 with the aid of this here mirror.



October 5, 2003

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