Good Looking

I won't lie, I was debating for a while about what to title this update. It was between this, Catch Phrase and Over It. I mention good looking people on here several times, but I wonder if I should keep this title on reserve in case I get an update that's entirely made up of good looking people. That's be awesome. And Catch Phrase is mentioned like 500x so that was logical. And I'm over it, so that made sense as well. But as you can see, in the end I chose Good Looking because that's what I think about all the time.


Julia and I watch America's Next Top Model religiously on Tuesdays. We wager on who will be kicked off, and so far I've correctly picked one and she's picked none. This week was fucking awful for Sara got the boot. I swear if Shandi gets kicked off I am no longer watching this show, they've already kicked off Heather who looks like the best looking girl I've ever seen in real life and now this.


Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Ferd had a hot date with Serene and needed to get back to school with a quickness, so I called in an order to Amici's en route. However due to "policy" you can't call for a dine in like most pizzerias. So we had to eat on the hood of the 5 in a desolate garage.

Small pesto, small cheese and my fav, the medium Amici's Combo. Doesn't get any better than this. Well in NY it does... but we all know it's all about the west coast, specifically Nor Cal.

It's Huens' 12:01 tomorrow, so he went pretty big for a warm up- 17 drinks. Who does that? He was the most drunk I've ever seen him, but the little ones at the house were claiming that this was nothing.

Here's my America's Next Top Model partner in crime, though I don't understand why she doesn't want to be displayed as a friend of The House.

Because I am a Marquis, I am very socially cultured and bought my little Fat Albert a handle of Jack for all the times he's taken care of us. You should have seen his face when I gave it to him; a poor child in the 'hood receiving a bike for Christmas is nothing compared to the glee I showered upon Fat Albert. Needless to say, 16 breast bites, two beers and beans over rice were on the house. As it should be.


Thursday, February 26, 2004

Man I haven't drank on a Thursday in the longest time. Thursday is my come home to Menlo to launder and relax day so I can go fucking huge on the weekend. It's my day of rest like the Sabbath. Anyways because it is one of my good friend's 12:01, I'll stay and drink.

A $5 pitcher of The Prince and a gin and tonic, does it get better than that folks?

Why the fuck aren't you winking Leland! Oh that's right, you probably don't want to look like a dumbass...

I said that I wasn't going to see Thomas get as drunk as he did last night, and was rebuked by everyone. However I am a seer, and though I think he did go fucking huge, I didn't see it for I was playing the pool with Ferd the Bird and a dude that was telling me he was going to beat me up.

Where's Noel my little one?

 Remember to leave your fake ID at the door.

Due to his contracts with IMG the modeling agency, I shouldn't be taking pictures and posting them on the Entirenet, but Dave was the man on MTV's Tail Daters.

This boy's getting there... Sorry I didn't take more pictures!

I don't even know... I swear Jack in the Box, Fat Albert and the Girl Scouts have colluded to form a conspiracy to fatten me up like Hansel and Gretel.


Friday, February 27, 2004

Brittany always has the most frozen, Botox'd expression on her face when faced with a digital camera.

Look who's trying to look all hard because he bought himself a ///M3. Someone's jealous, and that someone is moi.

All these random people, not enough beer. Though the girl:guy ratio was like 5:1, which was pretty sweet, the good looking girl:guy ratio was more like 1:3. That girl in the blue's looking pretty good, n'est-ce pas?

Figone leaves the Catch Phrase Club to go do something trivial, tsk tsk.

Apparently Lindsay isn't happy with her photos on The House and doesn't want any more taken, even though she is extremely photogenic and so good looking it makes me want to slap someone. Perhaps I should get a petition going...

Wow Catie is stunning The House. She's an elusive one, like Big Foot. Do you think that the only pictures of Big Foot are blurry because he is blurry?

Emily, seriously the good readers of The House are getting tired and bored of you having absolutely no game whatsoever but still stepping to The Great Marquis of Oxenford.

I thought I'd puke after this.

But I sacked up and finished with just a bitter beer face.

"Why the fuck did I have your camera?"

"Stop grabbing my boobs!" When did I become such a sleazy old man?

Closure's sometimes nice.

Laura is one of the few people that gets as excited about Catch Phrase as me.

Is it wrong to be playing Catch Phrase in a hallway when there's a party going on upstairs? I guess it is kinda anti-social, but come on it's fucking Catch Phrase!

Is it just me or does Kristen make you think of an ice princess?

Big sis and little sis over at the DG, pronounced "dug." Did you know?- Darsie has like 7 names.

We wanted to play upstairs cause there's couches, and Laura went on a scouting mission to see if people had left yet. She comes back and goes well there's not that many people there. But as you can see, there are.

One day I will get the entire Catch Phrase Club to take a group picture like we're a Varsity team, like the VDT. Speaking of which, I don't think there's even a VDT pic. Do you happen to have one Nick?



Saturday, February 28, 2004

My God this was the funniest shit ever. This guy was going door to door trying to sell magazines and he wouldn't leave, so I busted out my new electronic Catch Phrase and threw down the ultimatum. The Dream Team (Ben and The Splendid Marquis of Oxenford) vs. him and Larson. If they win, I will buy a magazine subscription. If they lose, he has to act out a story from his life or one that we all know, like Cinderella. Surprisingly he left his dignity and judgement at the door and played us.

As you can guess The Dream Team demolished these suckers and his story was about his life as a cocaine dealer who uses his own product- the biggest no no in the drug dealing underworld.

Since I was taking pictures of him he was like let me see your camera. Then he wanted to buy it from me- for $500. It's a $200 camera folks. Obviously I readily agreed, but guess what he didn't have $500 on him. Who would've thunk that?

The KY Jelly party. Had a Fight Club feel to it.

Was it worth $10 of my father's hard earned money? No, they ran out of beer when we got there plus I couldn't see shit 90% of the time. Did you know?- 87.9997% of statistics are made up on the spot.

But I was in the front row (actually second row so the guy in front of me would get KY'd) for a bit and saw some brutal girl on girl action.

Too bad maybe 2 of the 14 girls were good looking.

I think these were the sisters, and the one on the left looks older and is better looking, which fucking ruins my sibling theory. Wait what am I saying I don't even know these girls they might have an older brother or sister.

Man that pool got dirty. I wonder if the jelly will be recycled? I guess it depends how dirty the Playground guys are.

The one on the left is good looking I won't lie.

Primo seating for Sig Pi, though with it comes a mandatory shower and a change of clothing.

First guy to get in...

And gets worked.

She looks like she got comed all over. This is starting to look like one of those "loops" you see in dirty little porn shops.

The floor was slippery as shit, and I won't lie many people ate shit.

I finally found a bathroom as bad as UN's. What kind of shower has fucking blood in it?

It's not as old and should-be-condemned looking as UN's, but this shit was fucking disgusting. I should've just urinated outside, but I was being a girl about it.

Well let's go to the rafters to see if we can see more. Nope. And when two dudes started wrestling, that was when we knew to leave.

Sara always sticks her tongue out in pictures, and that's distressing.

Oh shit it's Catch Phrase once again.

Lizzie besides being great looking has very nice hands, and with a French manicure it'd be ridiculous. And she sounds exactly like Sara Brown.

Well we won, so the losing team had to make up a skit and act it out for us. We're pretty fucking nerdy aren't we?

Man I get some of the gayest pictures of Ben. Maybe I'll just call him Bengay, after Pfizer's pain relieving ointment, quality since 1898. Anyway they did the most confusing skit about NPR and gay marriage.

Brian has the best British accent ever. I want a British accent so bad can you sell one to me?

Well this is a start, but I'd like a regular picture, for Sara is so good looking it makes me want to cry.

Megan fucking rules at Catch Phrase. You put me, her and Taft together and we can conquer the world.

Sometimes, no means no. But then other times it means yes. And then in some situations, it means maybe.

At first I thought she was an elf, but what she really looks like is those little weird dudes in The Cat in the Hat.

It's Winter Fest time over at the Pi Kappa Alpha and Dallas was the most drunk I've ever seen him. Good work.

After not seeing Cassie for over 2 years, it's two weekends in a row!

My two little ballerinas Harrison and Trisha-bear. Did you know?- I am stunning quotes on both of these girls' profiles on the AIM.

A spectacular foul out. "I did not just fucking see that!"- The Fantastic Marquis of Oxenford.

How did I get Sierra to take this? Maybe it wasn't me behind the camera for lately she freaks out at me.

This picture is fucking great because Sierra's like "Get the fuck out of my face before I mace you" and Lindsey has the most surprised look on her face like I just told her I'm an Egyptian magician and pulled an ascot out of my eye.

PJ wanted to take a pic, but Sierra didn't. I's like the paparazzi and she Paris Hilton. Wait that wasn't a good analogy because P. Hilton demands attention; she is more like the Britney Spears.

I like Skye because he's one of the few that notices the hard work I put in ironing my clothes with the perfectly starched collar.

Kev is wearing the 80's style sunglasses, yet denounces 80's music when I play it at the house. How can you deny Styx and Berlin?

Colleen talks all sorts of shit about people not being able to do "The Yasu," but as you can see she can't do it at all either.

Cassie has that look in her eye- "I'm better than you and you and I both know it."

This was probably when I slapped Colleen and right after I was simultaneously slapped by Huens and kicked by her. The White Knight, that Huens boy is.

Doesn't Jenny on the right kinda look like the Melissa Boedikker?

One of life's great lessons- don't call nice and pretty girls like Michelle "stupid wenches." Never again...

We went head to head in Catch Phrase, and the Dream Team lost by one point. Electronic Catch Phrase is hard, it has words like acquiesce. "Ok... the word is what the bad Captain in Pirates of the Carribean said that he couldn't do to that girl that was in Bend It Like Beckham and then she says it back to the dudes when asked to dine with the Captain." That was fucking awful. But did you know I subtilely made you play Catch Phrase with me!

What the fuck is going on here? You don't give CPR to someone who just ate shit down the stairs and broke her neck. Or are they just necking?

2:30 and everything is dead. Boo hoo.


End of night.


Burkholder's walking on water! The best story I've heard thus far about this boy in Sweden was when he was walking his friend's broken bike by himself he passed out in the snow, a liquor induced coma. Luckily a kind gentleman found him lying in the snow and offered him tea and a second chance at life.



February 29, 2004 (Hey it's Angela's birthday, a leap year!)

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