Jenna and Jaclyn, here is the update you requested. I was going to hold off until I had the 70+ pictures my recent updates have been, but whatever it is my gift to you. And yes hey ladies and gentlemen guess what custom license plate I got it is sick as fuck, like the owner. GBGH. (No I didn't get that because it would be cramping Huens' style). Oh and I cannot wait until the A*Teens releases their new album. And D12.


Sunday, February 29, 2004

Well it's fun doing fireworks and then 30 minutes later the cops roll by and say they would've come earlier but they were persuading the neighbors not to press charges.

Why would they press charges? They could've come and watched the show for free, like the Dunne residents and this here crowd.

One of the worst weekends of my life for various reasons, and losing Catch Phrase once again is not helping matters at all.

As you can see it was an almost shut-out, for we only scored 2 points.

Team Italian Stallions win this round, but The Dream Team aka Team Awesome will be back for more.

Perhaps I'm just a meek nag but although I fucking love spicy food I can't eat it because it will make my stomach hurt like it did the two years I had to live off of Benson.

But Conlin was a sav and ate 4 pieces of Global Thermo-Nuclear, the hottest on the menu at the U and one step down from the 911 Challenge. This is the one I brought to the dorms freshman year and only Stu-Ball, Shehan and NRod could finish a whole piece. Aaron Stricker ate a bite and literally started to cry.

Can this weekend get any worse? Now I'm losing money! And when girls tell you about their bowel movements the next day, something's wrong with that, mmmmkay?


End of night. (Actually I cried myself to sleep but didn't want to take a picture of that. That's embarrassing!)


Holy fucking shit is Marshall wearing pants? For all the time I've known this man, I've only seen him wear pants once. And that was for a dinner with his parents. The reason for his pants-wearing today? It was cold. Are you kidding me this is the same man that wears shorts in the snow like he's from mofoin' Norway.


Wednesday, March 3, 2004

It's The Hut time and we're packed in Bric's Volvo like a clown car. I think we had 11 people in here.

Huens sat on my lap, and I have a great picture of him but I didn't think he'd appreciate it so it is just going to go in the archives.


Friday, March 5, 2004

I'm sorry but Kappa Alpha Theta is weak. If I remember the story correctly, some dudes were passing a bottle around in a bathroom at their formal and everyone got kicked out. Who would've thought that college kids would drink during a dance?

When you are stunners like Lindsay and Jennafer as soon as you roll into a party you are immediately on the phone, looking for something better to do.

Like cornering with the greatest man alive, The Marquis of Oxenford.

Though his outfit is clean and classy, Dave's constantly with a beer in one hand and a cig in the other.

Tim's like, "Look at this stunner of the #1 variety."

"Yes! I got a really good deal on this red cup at the flea market! $5 from Achmed (the guy next to the hot dog stand, but the hot dog stand that's next to the fake watch shop, not the one next to the "seen street action" handgun shanty."

Oh it's good, and Mona is probably one of the best people at achieving the look, though she shouldn't be smiling for this is a very serious affair.

 Visitors from high school every week... this time it's the Ms. E. Bagnati.

THE DREAM TEAM IS FUCKING BACK BITCHES! It's all about manual Catch Phrase.

"Haaaaaaaayyyy! Want a beer and then come into my room for some gay action?"

Why do people even front on Front Street?

OK I have to stop chugging it is going to make me puke in a kitchen one time and that would be fucking horrible.

Is it weird that some people are better looking when they're asleep? Or is it even weirder to take pictures of people while they're in a state of unconsciousness and put them up on the Entirenet?

Thank you Jenna for the fucking 3 am Jack in Box. You contribute to my obesity.


Saturday, March 6, 2004

It's Erin's birthday party and she IMs me and goes, "Hey what are you doing?" I'm like, "Uh... being bored and trying to find a dinner date." It had slipped my mind that it was her birthday party, and yes that is fucked up as hell. So I got disinvited but then I wiggered my way back.

So anyway I started to drink hard A this weekend and it's not going too well for me. Tonight I was hanging tough with my man Jack Daniel's and José. It's like someone puts ruffies in my drink and everything after 9 pm I don't remember.

Urn's little brother Scotty was perturbed that he couldn't drink at his sister's 21st birthday party, and he had every right to be. He snuck a drink, but is that enough? No.

Remember to not double fist drinks in front of Urn's parents. Oh, don't gulp them either. That's a social faux pas.

Holy fucking shit it is the Mondo Coin. How much coin does he have? Mondo. That's right, mondo.

This was after I had to pound half a pitcher because our team lost in some quarters game (which I fucking hate 1. I suck 2. money is disgusting), I was anchor, and the girl next to me took a tiny sip with an eye dropper.

No contest I think I'll just walk away and foul out. And foul out I did.

"Would you rather...?!" This girl needs to join me and Charles for a vulgar Would You Rather competition. Jason, you in?

Bently would you rather have an ever-present booger in your nose or would you rather have a random 5 minute nose bleed every day? "A booger cause that'd be funny!"

Looking at people's feet and hands is so much fun. How many princess toes do you have?

About to foul out, it's Ms. Urn Ashford denying drinks from huge black guys wanting to holla atcha girl.


End of night.


Here's our stunner ass Accounting group with Bently, The Marquis of Oxenford, Anthony, Matt Lightner and Paige. We kick ass, and the slogan "Go Biz or Go Home" will win us an A. Our business was called BizBurger.

This is kinda gross but it needs to be said. I was picking my nose and it started to bleed excessively. It was 8 am and I was hung over and confused and it didn't occur until a couple of minutes had passed that you're supposed to hold your nose and lean forward to stop it. By that point my toilet was a blood bath and it wasn't good.

Update: So lately my nose randomly starts bleeding. If I'm going to have the after effects of savage cocaine usage I want the fucking highs that usually go along with it.

March 12, 2004- the most hectic day of my life. Thursday SFO to Chicago (MDW) leaving at 11:40pm. Get to MDW at 5:30am and then a 3 hour layover, arrive at Charlotte (CLT) at 11:10am. Drive 2 hours out to the sticks to go to the couples' credit union, buy the hooptie, drive 1:30 to Davidson to drop the car off with Elizabeth. I find out I can save $400 by dropping the car off in Pineville, so another 45 minutes on the 77S. A 6:40pm flight to MDW, a one hour layover and then get to SFO at 11:30pm. And yes I drove the 4 hours pass-out tired. And on the plane I got hammered with the kid next to me and passed out with my foot in the aisle, tripping one of the stewardesses handing out drinks. Good times and DY-NO-MITE!

Teaching Jaclyn how to flash signs so she can roll into Compton, Inglewood or Watts with ease.

I love hands. If you weren't here and you can guess who's hands these are, you fucking rule.

Right-o, right on. Good night!


Friday, March 19, 2004

Most guys like to play with fire but some guys really like to play with the caveman's miracle. Here's Tafter, our resident pyro.

Winter Quarter is done, why not have a bonfire and burn old calculus books? And yes Lindsey stole one of those books from the donation box that was going to poor kids in Africa. Is that worse than stealing lunch money from a rich 10 year old kid in the US?

Who else is more qualified to burn calculus books than one T. Huens? How many times did you take Math 30? 2 or 3? Sorry for airing out your dirty laundry on the Entirenet but it had to be said. BBBBBBCAWW!

Holy shit Sierra didn't yell at me for taking pictures of her.

Maybe sometime Ben, maybe sometime. (Sometime involving an immense amount of liquor, cocaine and/or GHB).

He gets knocked down, but he gets up again, mere liquor will never keep Bric down. Singing songs that remind him of the good times, he takes a Corona drink.

That there is a diabolical smile like she just purchased a live, endangered panda bear on eBay and will shortly be selling it to a black marketer for a 300% profit.

"Cause, you know, starting to drink at 9 am and finishing a fifth isn't that bad."

If I ever give you the finger, don't be alarmed I do that to everyone. I guess be alarmed if you know for a fact that I don't like you.

I started the night off strong with Jack again so I don't remember this at all. If the picture didn't include a little of Greg, it would've been a very compromising position, don't you think?

A. Manzo wishes you good night and happy eating! This is the gangster that got his hair cut at Super Cuts, complained that he "looked like a penis" and got a complete refund.



March 21, 2004

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