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OK 2 updates in one day. I thought I would call myself God, but this one took all of an hour so you can just call me Admiral Awesome. kthanx. I've been wanting my friends abroad to send me some pictures of themselves, and Conlin was the first to do so. Actually Milo sent me one picture like a month ago, but that doesn't really count. Here is what Conlin wrote for each picture, and some of my commentary in italics. Then I stole some pictures from Prickett and the BLT Sandwich, and put them on The House. Enjoy. And Conlin wrote this in an email, so please ignore the atrocious spelling and grammar.

Well yas, the time has come for your incredibly witty, comedic and daring webpage to travel the international seas. Where to begin?

So oktoberfest in Germany was the time of my life. Munich is amazing and those people know how to drink. After a night train from rome to munich I definately needed a drink considering everyone around us was trashed off their ass and puking in the train. So leave it to Figone and I to meet this drinking team from England who instantly fall in love with us (who can blame them) and then invited us in the Haughbrau house with them to their reserved private box....oh goodie. This beer is amazing as well. I think you guys should invest in some large pint size jugs for your ice house whores when they get back.....jsut a thought. Anyhoo, there are no pics of this wonderful journey because we were too trashed to see straight let alone look through a camera lens.

I'm sure there's film floating about on the Entirenet of you and your "team." HAHAHA.

Ok so this pic is from the first friday night in our apartment. The italian students from our school through this huge party for us as this club called Dune bar. Now, being american girls first encounter with the thing called the "italian man" we figure oh this should be quite an innocent little party. Well, next time italians invited us somewhere let us not forget that they are infatuated with american women and when invited to a club there will only be men..........huge cock fest which we didnt really care about because hey, free booze and good music just makes a party. So if we bring home a lot of italian men....would that be a problem?

People want what they can't have. If the Italian men will be my personal tailors and chefs, no problem. Looking good and icy hot!

So these are two of the italians we met that night who also go to our university. The one on the left has a mullut. We call him mullut. On the right is this guy who is this italian model/student/douche bage who totally wanted to bone figone......good try buddy.

It's mullet, honey. The dude on the right kinda looks like an ugly, ugly Jude Law. Should've hooked up with him Figone.

This is in Assisi where figone has spent all of freshman summer so we went to go hang out with some of her guy friends there. One of them works in a fruit store and so all of his friends call him tom bannana.....thus we bought a bannana. Here Figone, Jenny (our friend who knows emmit) and I are joking around with fruit.....appparently italians do not understand penis/bannana jokes.....or maybe we just werent that funny.....

So this is Figone, Jenny and I trying our failed attempt at good mexian food. For some reason the italians dont like the mexicans.....who woulda thought? They hate the mexicans so much that they dont even sell mexican style talking no avacados, salsa, chips, tortillas....nada! So you could imagine how bad i am dying for a god damn mondo burrito right now!

Do Mexicans even live in Italy? Why would you want Mexican food when you have the goodness there?

This is Laura and I at Teatro Olypico where we saw the famous musical HAIR. It was about the vietnam war/ hippies/ protest and shit like that. It didnt really matter what the plot was about after all the cast dropped their trousers and flashed the audience. I know it was suppose to be a serious/moving moment but we just couldnt help ourselves and started gigling like little school girls. Good times

You would. Isn't HAIR the thing with lots of BO and unshaven, hairy people dancing about?

So being the cali girl that i am was so excited when we took a little trip to Cinque Terre (italys 5 connected towns in the north) So here i am on the beach enjoying the sun and the beach. Being in the city can get pretty hectic. All those damn mopends and bad for the complexion.

Yes complexion is key. There are many a girl who would be 10000000x more attractive had she taken care of her skin.

This me trying to figure out if i should go in the ocean and frollick with this guy and stare and gauk at him from you do in benson courtyard.

Holllller at the italian speedo! I laugh at his naivete.

That's hot. Loves it.

This is the infamous bug repelent wipe that ffigone put in her know the story!

Ok so this is the little traffic man who sits in the middle of this huge piazza by our house and directs traffic all day. Now, tell me.....this is why i love the united states because we have traffic lights for these types of things. Plus, i cant even imagine the amount of therapy this man will have to have based on the ridicule he recieves for wearing that horrible outfit.

I love his snazzy little uniform and his little hat too!

This is annie, martha, figone, and i infront of the Collosuem and Pantheon.

Here are your historical/scenic pics.....enjoy.

Now this is the weekend Annie, martha, Mono, and Em Bjorkland came into town from london and prague. So we took her to this bombass restaurant and we told all these italina waitors that it was her birthday so after dinner they brought out a million desserts and a huge platter of dessert pastries that ws bigger than my one dessert for annie with a candle. This picture depicts that moment.

Happy Birthday AnnieSCU!

This is me on the phone with you holding the blank sign that will soon become the object of your desire. Wait for it......

Haha you look like you have braces. Not the best pic of you, Conlin, I won't lie.

Alrighty....the moment you have been waiting for. Now here are me figone em mona and annie in traditional yasu pose with a sign that reads "Hey Bitches! has gone international"

OMG OMG OMG HI2ALLOFYOU!!111!!1oneoneone

Now i know this sign in a simple peice of paper with blue highlighter but it proves an important message......that we will do anything for Dr. Chiba. holler

Mona and I and Figone and Annie with the yasu sign. Here we are at our favorite restaurant that in called Montecarlo.

The guys who own this place wine and dine us til the weeee hours of the morning for almost no cost.........unless you call sexual favors a price......kidding!

No you're not.

Now we have reached a depressing point of my trip. Halloween. Knowing that my best guy friends were home throwing the Halloween party of the century, it made it just a little hard to get into the halloween spirit. But we tried. So, a bunch of these douches in our program were throwing a halloween party so we decided to go and drink all their booze, but we needed a costume. So figone, me and our friend maria dressed up as Mafia wives. We wore all black, huge gaudy jewelry and this horrible burgendy shade lipstick. It was perfect. So our friend maria who is a little tossed in the second pic, started makin out this damn jacko-lantern and the first pick shows figone sittin right next to it....notice the huge lip marks.....perfect. Happy Halloween!

Yeah, we are pretty cool.

So there it is. Hope it was worth the wait. I tried to sensor these pics as much as possible so that you wouldnt see how much trouble we were really getting into over here! kthanxbye.

Love you tons yas,



I want to see some scandalous shit from you before I stumble upon some on the Entirenet or bf.c.



Prickett!!!! Damn you why have you never done braided pigs while at SC? I love your little white hat too.

Prickett, I love the hair. I think you're hot, can I be your boyfriend?

The following pictures I stole from the BLT Sandwich. It appears that BLT and Biz have a thing going, perhaps a "dating relationship," for every single picture is of them two.

Oh actually I won't lie I guess this "Dinah" girl is in some too. Dinah is the name of Alice's cat in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. A marvelous story.

Lovers meet at the tower. Awwww, how cute.

Damn, looking good. Shortest update since like 2003. Oh noes!11!1!!



November 4, 2004

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