Shysty Asshole of the Year Award

goes to our friend Doug Kopf for 2000. He is too cool and too good-looking (he is a Kopf, the best family in the world) to

1. Answer the phone on the first try. You need to hang up and call him back to reach him,

2. Call back when left a message,

3. Answer when you say something to him and

4. Explain things to people when they misunderstand a situation.


Did you know?: Doug put the picture above on He was rated a 9.2. Will Brubaker was rated 9.9. Wow.


This is the actual award presented to Doug by all of us. Notice the nice wood frame and the brushed aluminum piece with "Shysty Asshole" engraved in Roman font. He cried when we gave it to him. It is now hanging up on my wall.


One of these girls is Doug's ho. Which one?



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