The pictures will always be labeled from top to bottom, left to right. This is the chance for anybody to be featured on YasusHouse.com. Just give me a cool picture of yourself and some "stats" or whatever you want me to write about you. I was gonna add some commentary, but that's too hard. Y'all know what I think about you. If not, I'll write it in yo yearbook. If you haven't signed mine, and you are sure that I want you to, please call. Cool huh? Just holla holla.



Stats: 5'4" (hella tall), 123 lbs., Macintosh, BMW M5 (300hp, ///M Contour Rims [Yokohama AVS Sport Tires], adjustable Dinan negative camber plates, Koni shocks/springs, Turner chip, B&B Tri-Flow exhaust, European headlights, Sony CD player and Sony 10-disc changer), Caucasian, favorite female celeb- Mandy Moore, favorite male celeb- Chris Farley, fav funny movie- Tommy Boy, fav stunna flick- Ronin, net worth- 16 Gz, bank- 3 Gz, in my wallet now- $65, favorite CD- Ted's Mix #1.


Stats: 6'4", 200 lbs., blonde, blue-green eyes, have good looking friends, net worth- about $20 right now, multiple rides, available.


Stats: aka- Choppar Rodney, 6'4", handsome, pure muscle, black, pimp, known as "whipped", net worth- about $100 million (in gold).


Stats: 6'4", 160 lbs., broke ass car. Likes to post with Yasu and drink while his mom comes home early. Has a job. Bigger penis than Doug (even though that's not saying much).


Stats: aka Mr. E/Grandpa; 5' 13"; 1 fity; um... 1980 Scout II and '95 4Runner. Enjoys the occasional toke of the wacky tobaccy. Chubb thinks I'm the bear.



Stats: Height: 6'3". Weight: 152 lbs. (skinny white boy). Computers: Micron 700mHz pIII (Windows) and IBM Nefinity 7000 Web Server (Linux). Ride: 1983 Volvo ///M DL (128hp, 15" Volvo sport rims, 5-preset AM/FM radio, 0-60 in 18.6s). College of choice: Stanford University. Favorite Sport: Fencing. #1 Stunna: Not exactly. Best Hair at Menlo-Atherton: Yes. Looks Like: Ryan Phillippe in Antitrust when he's wearing those glasses. Will Kill You If You Tell Him He Looks Like Ryan Phillippe: Yes.


Stats: Hi, mai name is Rob Coondawg. What's yo name? Kiss mai shoe? I like Bud-Light, especially when I shogun wit my friend Yasu. Please kiss my shoe. Thank you.



Stats: Height: 6' 3". Weight: 280. G-Ride: James rides in The '88 Volkswagon Fox, but The 3rd stuns a #1 Stunna Original. Interests: James likes to post and eat cheese and cheese related products. Steve Pimpinho, however, likes to stun and pamp the hoes. Dislikes: All of James and his alter-egos don't like gay-kiddie porn and sour watermelon slurpees. Number of alter-egos: 7 (James, The Great James Reilly III, The 3rd, Steve Pimpinho, Charles Smokinshit, Father Gandolf and Inyo Green. Best Porn Site: Free6.com


Stats: Ha ha, yeah! What up doggie, my name is Kevin. If you feel so inclined, you should check out my webpage. It's not as tight as The Su's, but it's comin' along. www.carlospuke.com


Stats: Hi, my name is Daryl. I enjoy representing for the West Side. My best friend is Zip. I like to barbeque chicken and slam 40s. Lynley is really hot. Yeeeee.

Our circle of friends- Doug, Emmett, Ted, me.


11/25/00- Not a fun night.

My friend Jimmy Pluznunkett. What's up Jimmy?

My old crew the Original 6. Me, Mezz, Roger, Tom, Briggs, Dante.

The old crew again, senior formal. Same fools as above, but we substituted Chris for Dante since they look alike. Word.



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