I Am Bored

As I start writing this fine article, it is 12:50 in the AM. What does that mofo stand fo anyway? I dunno. Is I stupid? Possibly. I is very bored today. I don't know what everyone be stunning tonight, but I did quite little. So I decided to take pichas o' people and post them on the Information Superhighway. And maintaining the high quality of YasusHouse.com, these pictures are in chronological order. What do you think of that? Do you like ATB? That's what I'm listening to right now.

This reminds me of a proverb- Even monkeys fall from trees. Can you guess what it means?

Let me actually tell you a little joke. There was a 'tater family. A dad 'tater and three daughter 'taters. The oldest one wanted to get married. So the dad asked what kind of 'tater he was. "A Russett." "Ok, that's a good 'tater." Next year, the middle daughter wanted to get married. Again, the dad asked what kind of 'tater he was. "An Idaho." "Ok, that's a good 'tater." Finally, the youngest wanted to get married. As you can guess, the dad asked what kind of 'tater he was. "Dan Rathers." "Well, Dan Rathers is just a commentator." Get it? Common 'tater. Haha. Ok, here are pics fellas.


You all know my roommate, Marshall. He tends to help our neighbor Henri out a lot. "Oh my god!"

This is some girl, presumably getting some help from Marshall as well. He is quite intelligent.

What does it take to be #5? You can be Matt Ward, you can drive a Miata.

I dunno what Clemente was doing here. B-boppin' or something?


Huens is fucking hilarious. He drives Jeep Grand Cherokee on 18" chrome. His motto is "If you don't have chrome, go home."


The Ms. Ashford... posting with Stan. "Guess what?" "What?" asks The Su. "Doug and Chubb IM'd me!" "Well HOORAY!!!" The Doug! The Doug!

Stan, first floor RA. Needless to say, he's tite.com!

Cameron be mentally ill. He cracks me up!

I don't think Matt wanted his picha taken all that much...

Book was being notfun.com... and was studying Spanish. Aaron was on his computer like always, with headphones.

Adam's tite. His parents are lawyers and he hooks me up with all the Bad Boy Bail Bonds gear. Always remember, "Yo Mama Wants You Home." (On Mother's Day)

Whenever we are in Celina's room, she tends to either talk on the phone or talk on the Internet, igorning her guests. Boo! Ew!!!

Diana be first floor girl's RA. She was talking on phone, and I bugged her. She be like, "Don't take picture." I was like, "Whateva" and took it. Yeeeee!

The silent Jon.

Nick really, really likes to take his shirt and pants off. In the guys' wing. Hmmm...

Sage is writing something on RA's door with his girlfriend.

Matt with the Ms. Quinn. Basketball playa.

Kevin be good golfer. I like Titleist though.

Erin is a DR. She also didn't want picture taken. Why?

Then she was like Ok and I took it. Isn't that fabulous?

They were just posting in hall. See that girl Janine on right? She's one of my favorite people. I once asked her if she was a thug. She replied that she was "nobody's thug." I then asked her if she thought I was a thug. She's like, "Please..." But she know what up! Yia, yia!

Jenna didn't want her picture taken because she was writing a paper. I told her that writing a paper and taking pictures had very little correlation.

...And here is me, working hard as always. Goodnight everyone, this is the end of this chapter on The House. Lata.



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